Company History

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    Year 2022

    Shantou Wiisun Electronic Co., Ltd. already have export  to more than 80 countries. We also attend many foreign trade meetings and win some reputation for our company. “game gaga” brand help Wiisun win more customers and lead the game suppliers with our innovational products! Our products always have good reputation from our buyers !

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    Year 2018

    Shantou Wiisun Electronic Co., Ltd. establish the business cooperation  with many customers. More than 400 agents enjoy the hot selling of our products. And we also involved with professional game engineer department to work more  innovative products. Meanwhile, our company is lucky to have the honor of  High quality supplier from Alibaba.

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    Year 2016

    We try our best to develop our company strength and products team. We already export to everywhere of the world. We gave and made our brand as “game gaga “. It  means that our products will be fancy, a sense of humor, give more happiness to all the youngers. We also build up our team working and give our best service to all of our customers!

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    Year 2014

    Shantou Wiisun Electronic Co., Ltd. is established. Due to the hot selling of the game products and we have our l manufacture workshop. We start to recommend our game products to our buyers on alibaba. Shortly, we got plenty of orders and have good reputation from them.

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    Year 2013

    Finally, Shantou Wiisun Electronic Co., Ltd. is established after years of  learning on the game and electronic products.  Dior Wang as the man who learn more about games from his 10years old, also he is as a skill man in the factory after his graduation, he knows all the game products how can be perfectly running. he knows what kind of products will be most favorite among youngers and know what products will have hot selling.

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    Year 2010

    Katty  work as a international  business sales manager. Her rich experience help her to got plenty of orders in short time. Also most customers keep warm and long term cooperation ship with Katty Xu.

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    Year 2006

    Katty Xu, the founder of  Wiisun, who work as a exporting sales  in her hometown. Her first job in Shantou  was a sales lady  in a electronic  factory. Katty attend many  trade shows and Canton Fair every year. Within her first job of 5 years, she learned a lot of foreign cultures and learned more knowledge on exporting. Also She got the exporting manager position among her first job.