S5 BT Wireless PC PC Simulator Game Controller Dual Joystick With Holder

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S5 BT Wireless Game controller application platform: Switch/PS3/PC/Android/iOS/TV/Box.

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The HD-S5 BT Multi-Function Wireless Game Controller is a versatile, high-quality gaming accessory that delivers a seamless, immersive gaming experience across multiple platforms. This controller features a dual-joystick design and ergonomic construction designed to enhance your gaming performance and fun.

One of the key features of the HD-S5 BT controller is its wide range of application platforms. It’s compatible with a range of devices, including Switch, PS3, PC, Android, iOS, TV and Box, making it a versatile choice for gamers using multiple platforms. This versatility allows gamers to seamlessly switch between different devices without the need for multiple controllers.

The controller adopts BT connection method, the connection is stable and reliable, and the distance range is 8-10 meters. This ensures you can enjoy gaming without being tethered to your device, providing freedom of movement and flexibility during gameplay. In addition, the controller is equipped with a 400mAH polymer lithium battery to provide long-lasting power for long-term gaming.

Product Specifications

HD-S5 BT Multi-function Wireless Game Controller
Application platform: Switch/PS3/PC/Android/iOS/TV/Box
Connection: BT
Connection distance: 8-10m
Charging interface: NICRO
Selling Point: Multi-function
Battery: 400mAH Polymer lithium
Product Size:152X108X58mm

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1*game controller
1*Data line
1*phone stand

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